​​​​​​​​Missing Children Are In Danger

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, one in six children are approached by a human trafficker with the first 48 hours.

​​​​​​​Federal law defines a “missing child” as an individual less than 18 years of age whose whereabouts are unknown to the child’s parent or legal guardian.
34 U.S.C. Section 11292​

​​How Can I Help Missing Kids in Kentucky?

Every Kentuckian can protect children from human trafficking by knowing the signs of a child who is considering running away. If you see these signs, check in with the child, listen calmly, and show support. Be sure to share your concerns with the child’s guardian or caregiver.​


Know the signs a child may be considering running away

Saving money without a goal

Hiding clothes in a backpack

Talking about running away

Reporting a Missing Child

If your child is missing, act immediately by calling 9-1-1 and having your child entered into the FBI’s National Crime and Information Center (NCIC) database. For additional support, families with missing children may contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Remember, there is no waiting period to report a missing child to law enforcement or to have your child entered into NCIC. In fact, according to 34 U.S.C. Section 41308, law enforcement agencies are prohibited from establishing or maintaining a waiting period before accepting a missing child report and must promptly enter the information regarding a missing child into the NCIC database within two hours of receiving a report.


If Your Child is MissingCall 911

To learn more about Attorney General Cameron’s efforts to protect missing children from the dangers of human trafficking or to schedule a human trafficking community training event, contact:

Heather Wagers, Executive Director
Attorney General’s Office of Trafficking and Abuse Prevention and Prosecution (TAPP).

1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 200
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Phone: (502) 696-5436